Size: 750ml

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Bombay Original London Dry Gin is the precursor to its more famous counterpart, Bombay Sapphire. First released in 1959, it is based on an original 1761 recipe. Bombay Sapphire is made with ten botanicals; this gin is made with eight botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seeds, licorice root, almonds, lemon peel, cassia bark, orris root and angelica root. These botanicals are vapor-infused with the base spirit before being bottled. Nosing passes find a peppery bouquet of zesty, mildly citrusy scents of juniper, cedar, Christmas tree sap, coriander and orris root. Entry is silky, smooth, moderately sweet and keenly pine-like; the mid palate is elegant, floral, and sweet with a touch of sap. Finishes clean, citrusy and spicy.

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