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BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Gin revolutionized the gin category in the 1980s with its vapor-infusion process and the inclusion of ten botanicals in the liquid. The name itself drew upon Indian heritage and the famous �Star of Bombay,� a 182-carat sapphire � arguably the finest ever found. Delicately balanced and incredibly versatile, Bombay sapphire Gin boasts ten exotic botanicals from around the world. Each sip features notes of juniper, citrus coriander, peppers and spices. Clear, moderately full-bodied. Aromas of juniper, eucalyptus and spice are powerfully present. The mouth feel reveals a rich, plush texture. A powerful style, loaded with high-toned, engaging floral aromatics and assertive fruit elements. Bombay sapphire Gin goes well in a martini cocktail or Tom Collins.

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