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Familia Camarena Tequila is relatively new to the U.S. market, but the company traces its tequila-making origins back 250 years. Located in the Highlands region of Jalisco, Camarena grows three million agave plants at an elevation of nearly 8,000 feet. Made from 100% distillate of Weber Blue Agave. Double-distilled in small-batch pot stills to create pure, smooth tequila with an elegant, robust finish. Camarena Reposado is a very light gold color, lighter than most reposado�s that are present now. It�s mellow on the nose, with hints of agave, vanilla and pepper. Two months in American oak make the taste and body very smooth and buttery, plus add a bit of oaky sweetness and spice. The finish is warm and spicy, with more undertones of oak. There�s a lot going on in this tequila, and the intense oakiness is surprising, considering the reposado only spends two months in barrels. Enjoy either in a Margarita, or try it straight up.

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