Size: 375ml

UPC: 736040521907


Avion Anejo Tequila is the oldest expression in the Avion lineup. The Anejo is distilled in the Jalisco highlands from 100% blue agave, and then it�s aged for two years, twice the minimum age requirement for an anejo. It has a clear, yellowish-gold appearance that�s fairly light for an old tequila. On the nose it bursts with fresh agave, fruit and spice. Take a sip and there�s more vegetal agave, plus some mild pepper and cinnamon. Oak accents come through from the barrels, including vanilla and maple. It is exceptionally smooth on the palate, starting out sweet and finishing quite dry with lingering flavors of oak and cooked agave. Avion Anejo is very solid tequila, and certainly one that stands up well to pricier options.

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