Size: 750ml

UPC: 744607069205


El Jimador tequila, named after the farmers who grow and harvest the agave plants, produced at Casa Herradura, is 100% agave tequila that has become the #1 selling tequila brand in Mexico since its launch in 2000 with its high quality and authenticity. This Reposado begins with 100% hand-harvested blue Weber agave, naturally fermented in clay ovens and double distilled. Then it enjoys a two-month siesta in handmade American oak barrels until the perfect moment. The results are worth the wait: an exquisite golden tone, warm seasoned flavors and a smooth, confident agave flavor that really shines through. Tasting Notes: Notes of cooked agave, light oak and vanilla are joined by a slight hint of baked cherry pie on the nose. On the palate, this medium-bodied tequila coats the tongue with pleasant vanilla and caramel flavors complemented by more fruit notes, especially cherry and strawberry. Light oak and cinnamon notes and a touch of earthiness add to the complex flavor profile. It presents a medium length finish, with alcohol, white pepper and agave appearing initially before a quick hint of agave nectar and cherry finish things off.

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