Size: 200ml

UPC: 80432110119


Jameson Caskmates is an intriguing release. Having sent some of their casks to the local craft stout brewers at Franciscan Well, the casks were returned to Midleton where they were subsequently used to give a stout finish to Jameson! This has added notes of cocoa, coffee and butterscotch to this classic Irish whiskey. A unique offering from Jameson with rich stout characteristics of coffee, cocoa, and a hint of hops. On the nose, roasted coffee beans, 70% chocolate, green apples, juicy cantaloupe, and a buzz of hops. The thick, creamy mouth feel tastes of stout, with strong chocolate and coffee notes. The finish is long and sweet with milk chocolate and butterscotch. Perplexingly experimental in results. A whiskey for stout drinkers? A stout for whiskey drinkers? Incomparable to other Jameson. It doesn�t have to be St. Patrick�s Day to drink Jameson Irish Whiskey.

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