Size: 750ml

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The Cooper�s Croze is a whiskey created by the Head Cooper, Ger Buckley, showcasing the diversity of barrels at their Midleton distillery and the profound influence that wood yields. With knowledge passed down through 5 generations of his family, Ger selects, repairs, and maintains their treasured casks. The Cooper�s Croze is a carefully crafted whiskey that effortlessly carries vanilla sweetness, rich fruit flavors, floral and spice notes and the undeniable influence of oak. You can take whiskey out of wood but you can never take the wood out of whiskey. �As a fifth generation cooper I�ve created the Coopers Croze to celebrate my love for wood and its enormous versatility. My whiskey reflects the spectrum of flavors contributed by the variety of cask types, from sweet vanilla to rich fruits and toasted wood." - Ger Buckley, Head Cooper.

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