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For those looking to plunge into the smooth world of Irish whisky, Jameson Blended Irish Whisky is a perfect starter purchase. It is probably fair to say that if you've ever consumed whiskey in your life, you've had Jameson. A stand-in wingman, it's been a reliable go-to even in the most barren of bars. Popular worldwide, the blend is known for mixing well with ginger ale, keeping it accessible to uninitiated whisky sippers. As to some technical data, it is a blended whiskey comprised of single pot still and grain whiskeys all produced at the Midleton Distillery and were triple distilled for exceptional smoothness. Matured in Bourbon and Sherry casks for a minimum of five years, to produce a crisp, clean, mellow taste with sweet, spicy, vanilla tones, and a subtle finish. Very smooth and versatile.

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