Size: 375ml

UPC: 823990


DeLeon Tequila is made from the finest 100% Highland Blue Weber agave sourced from the rich earth of the Los Altos region of Jalisco. DeLeon achieves astonishing depth of flavor in just two distillations allowing the tequila to retain the unique character acquired during the fermentation process. The master distiller artfully cuts the beginning and end of the distillation, allowing only the absolute best portion, or Corazon, to find its way into every bottle, creating a subtle taste profile with unrivaled smoothness. The finest hand-selected Highland agave is carefully chosen at peak ripeness to craft this exceptional tequila. Displayed in a stunning bespoke bottle made from highest-quality fragrance-grade glass and boldly tattooed with the distinguishing mark of DeLeon, each expression in the ultra-premium and luxury collections is strikingly defined. Enjoy it pure on the rocks or simply pour over ice to taste the quality.

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