Size: 750ml

UPC: 721733001699


Gran Patron Piedra is extraordinary extra anejo tequila which is crafted entirely from the Tahona process, a time-consuming and ancient method for creating tequila. Piedra, which means “stone” in Spanish, is one of very few types of tequila that is still produced in this age-old way. After distillation, Gran Patron Piedra is meticulously aged for more than three years in new American and French oak barrels for a deep mahogany color and sweet, subtle aroma of fruit, fresh mushroom, light citrus, and toasted French oak. This extra anejo tequila is robust and full-bodied - in many ways comparable to a bourbon or scotch while maintaining tequila characteristics. The distinctive Gran Patron Piedra bottle, which was inspired by the Tahona stone, is packaged in an elegant box that converts into a beautiful display case. Everything about the experience of drinking a Gran Patron Tequila is luxurious – from the design and feel of the bottles to the beautiful weighted stoppers that top them. And of course, the tequila inside. Gran Patron Piedra was meant to be sipped neat, or to be mixed into an incredibly sophisticated Old Fashioned.

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